Photos of Blue Pitbulls


Welcome to our gallery page. Here we have tons of photos of our trademark Blue Pitbulls and other breeds, as well. We are full-time professional pitbull breeders and we take that job very seriously. You'll even see us having fun with the dogs in some of the pictures. We couldn't help ourselves, enjoy!

Gypsy at 5 months
Gypsy at 7 months
Gypsy at Iron Cross Kennels at 1 year old
Gypsy at 1 year old
Gypsy at 1 1/2 years
Gypsy at 2+ years old and full grown
Its easy to see why Gypsy is one of the most popular XL females out!
Gypsy getting her head myo taped at 24 inches!
Banner From the Epic breeding of Gypsy x Rock
Definitely an unforgettable breeding Gypsyx Cain(r.i.p.)
Aphrodite at 5 months
Aphrodite at 6 months
Aphrodite at 8 months
Aphrodite at 1 year
Aphrodite at 2+ years and full grown
This Girl is the definition of beauty!
Colossus as a pup
Colossus at 10 months
Colossus at 1 year old
R.I.P. baby destiny!
Such a beautiful girl , will be missed!
Diva , our first Red female and mom to tonka and la'te!
14 weeks
R.I.P. Diva
Doomsday at 14 weeks
14 weeks
14 weeks
14 weeks
6 months
Doomsday wife my wife Stefanie
Doomsday at 6 months
7 months
Doomsday at 7 months
Some fun pictures of the pitbulls playing
Everyone waiting for me to throw the red kong ball
Look at Hera in this picture she is the 2nd from the right , thats XTREME !


Aphrodite says " I won "  LOL
Gypsy looking bad ass in every picture!
Raven loving that red kong ball
Hera's in 1rst place lol
Colossus looking as beautiful as ever!
Dam Tonka is looking beefy !
Gypsy just day dreaming
Raven has got some jumping skills!
Do these pitbulls look aggressive? lol
Tonka and Colossus having fun
Chasing the mail man LOL
Whole yard and she finds the smallest bush !
Tonka has a big ole melon head !
Mother and Daughter
Gypsy is one of the top female XL pitbulls in the world!
Karma and Hera waiting to go inside
Halo at 5 months
Halo at 2+ years
Hera a 2 1/2 years
Jethro at 13 months
 Jethro at almost 2 years old
Jethro at 2 1/2 + years
Karma at 1 year
 Lava as a little puppy
Lava at 4 months old
Lava at 2+ years
  9 months
 Moose at 9 months
Odin at 12 weeks 
Odin at 1 year 
 Odin at 3 years old
 Just some BBQ fun
 Gypsy always looking like a pitbull supermodel!
 La'te trying to hide behind the swing LOL
 Mama taking a nap
 Lava as a pup
 They love playing fetch!
 Raven at 5 months
 Raven in full grown beast mode ! 3 years
 Raven stacked with a 105 pound male
 Tonka at 1 1/2 year
9 months 
 Zombie at 9 months
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