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You will notice when looking at our Pitbull Breedings that nothing we do is average! We have some of the XXL pitbull puppies for sale, and we put an extreme amount of time into making sure that all of our Blue pit bull puppies are awesome! We take a lot of pride in being a Blue pitbull breeder, and My wife and I both have years of knowledge when it comes to breeding dogs. We have specifically offered blue pitbull puppies for sale full time for over 10 years now. They bring us such joy that we plan on doing this for the rest of our lives!

Word of mouth makes our business what it is. We want to make our customers happy and tell everyone they meet. We make sure our puppies are given play time and love so that they develop the skills and features that people want in a dog. We always make sure that our clients get exactly what they paid for , one of the best Blue Pitbulls money can buy! Take a look at our website and you will see beautiful, thick and happy Pitbulls - we take pride in our puppies.

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We are extremely excited about this breeding! We produced both of these dogs and they are at the top of the list of the sexiest dogs we have ever produced! Cupid is from our Odin and Aphrodite breeding is is the best dog I have ever seen! He is extremely friendly , athletic and beautiful! He has also consistently produced his good looks in many breedings! Starfire is from our Sunfire and Jethro breeding. Shes a perfect mix of her parents looks , size and perfect personality. She is extremely athletic and ripped we expect this litter to be out of this world good looking!      

Male A - SOLD - $5,000

Male B - Open - $4,500

Male C - SOLD - $4,000

Male D - SOLD - $3,500

Male E - SOLD - $3,000

Female A - SOLD

Female B - SOLD

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Big things are happening here at Iron King Kennels! This breeding is with our foundation male Jethro! He is the male who we started our kennels with and he helped put us on the map! He is our most consistent producer and every litter with him is perfection! Sunfire is from our Moose and Karma breeding and she is one of our best females! We did this breeding with her and Jethro previously and it turned out so good that we decided to repeat it to give people another chance at one of these awesome pups!

Male A -  SOLD

Female A - Open-$1,500

Female B - SOLD

Female C - SOLD

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Pitbull Male DoomsdayMore Info


Pitbull female RurkiaMore Info

This is a breeding that we and many others have been waiting for! Doomsday is from the Famous Rock of Big Gemini Kennels and our Gypsy! He is by far one of The Rocks best sons and he produces that famous head in all of his litters! Rukia is from our Tonka and Zombie litter and she is an upgraded version of her mom! With her dad being Tonka and then with being bred to Doomsday we expect monster heads on these pups! 

Male A - SOLD

Male B - SOLD

Male C - SOLD

Female A - SOLD

Female B - Open-$1,500

Female C - SOLD

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