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If you were looking for some of the best, biggest, and thickest XL Pitbulls For Sale and some of the world’s best pitbulls than you have come to the right place! Our goal at Iron King Kennels is to give our customers the best XL PITBULLS money can buy! Its the reason why we are one of this countries number one breeders and exporters of XXL blue nose pitbulls and many other colors as well! My wife and I have been breeding XL Blue and Red pitbulls for over 10 years in that time we have produced some of the most incredible XXL Pitbull puppies and have truly fallen in love with this breed. We mostly specialize in Blue Nose and variations of Blues such as Champagnes and Blue Tri Colors but we also breed red nose pitbulls and others as well . We are by no means so called "Back yard breeders;" We take pride in our PItbulls and take great care of them , being full time breeders and spending 24/7 with every pitbull is our life. Spending all of our time with the dogs ensures that every single pitbull gets exercise and cuddle time plus we put the time into making sure our customers are happy.

Our kennel is located in North Florida outside of Gainesville and Ocala on five beautiful acres for the dogs to run around on but sell our pitbull breeds all over the world. All of our pitbulls are our family, so we never offer or sell adults for sale. The time we spend with every pitbull really shows in their personality's and temperaments. From day one we handle the puppies and make sure they get taken care of in the best conditions. We also don't sell the pups until they are 10 weeks old which makes sure they are mentally ready to go to their new homes; During this newborn phase the pups will be introduced to many new things including children, farm animals , cats other dogs and friends and family this helps to give the puppy confidence and make sure they are mentally stimulated . 
  Call any other kennel and ask them if they are full time breeders 99% of the time they will say no ! Now this is alright if they are just pet owners but when you have multiple dogs and have litters IT IS A FULL TIME BREEDERS JOB and not just a hobby !  Our dogs are descended from some of the biggest and greatest dogs  in the world and are one their ways to becoming the best in the world them selves . We only have dealt with the best kennels and bloodlines, including Big Gemini Kennels , Triple Cross Kennels , Iron Cross or ICK , ROYAL BLOODLINE or RBG, DUNGEON 5150 Kennels, GREYLINE ,  and CAMELOT and many more ! We are one of Americas top Xl pitbull breeders and the #1 exporter of blue pitbulls in America and are proud of it!  Anybody is more than welcome to come check out the dogs and we would be more than happy to meet you!

         photo Blde2-edited-website_zps80f79849.jpg     Iron King's  Blade of Royal Blue Generation ,
        She is off the legendary White Diamond
and is half sister to the world famous King Liger!

 photo IMG_6486-edited-website_zpse015c114.jpg
Karma another beautiful XL pitbull we produced

 photo IMG_9632modified.jpg
Hera from our blue pitbull female Raven and Jethro. She has one of the sexiest looks on a bully pitbull female!

 photo IMG_7203-edited-website_zps462bac9b.jpg
Iron King's Venus from Aphrodite and Odin , every breeding we do has so much thought put in to it that every litter produces super model dogs!


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Iron Kings Monster
produced right here
If you want the best than you came to the right place! we haven't been one of the top breeders of XL pitbulls for ten years for no reason!

Iron King's XL Pitbull Super Freak Gypsy image
Iron King's Super Freak Gypsy has produced some of the worlds best pitbulls and people have literally started their kennels with her blood !

 photo IMG_4364-edited-website_zps591e1672.jpg
Iron King's Cupid just a prime example of the sexiness we produce here!

American Pitbull Terrier Aphrodite image 
Aphrodite , truly a one of a kind
American Pitbull Terrier !

1/14/2013 photo IMG_3606-edited-website_zps76674c7e.jpg
   Iron King's Ebony another incredible dog
produced here! From Aphrodite and Tonka


                                 photo IMG_4787-edited-website_zps4e60e000.jpg

 Iron King's Tonka not just a one of a kind XL pitbull but a one of a kind dog!!  Structure and temperament this boy is perfect! Produced here of course!
     03/10/13 photo IMG_5525-edited-website_zps830d5593.jpg
                         Our beautiful son with Raven , when your dogs look this
                                       good even a three year old can stack them!
    03/10/13 photo IMG_5431-edited-website_zpsc3521b98.jpg
                                  Raven watching and protecting our son Theon ,
                   I dare you to touch him you will have to deal with his nanny! LOL

    photo IMG_4983-edited-website_zps20c2d809.jpg
Jethro has puppies all over the world! You could be the next lucky owner but only if you want the best!
 photo IMG_3093-edited.jpg
Iron King's Tessa from our legendary breeding of our Giant Gypsy
and the world famous Big Gemini Kennels The Rock!
 photo IMG_0617-edited-website.jpg
Galactus one of the sexiest XL pitbulls I have ever laid my eyes on and of course produced here!!

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This 120+ boy was Produced by our own
Jethro x Halo


Queen of Dutch from
Jethro x Halo 
    owned by a Blue Bully Breeder
 the Netherlands

     Some examples of our
Extra Large Puppies 
at only one week !


1 week old pitbull puppy
"The Super Monster" Moose at 1 week !

XL pitbull puppy image

 It's easy to see why our Blue Bully Puppies are the best !

pitbull dog puppy


1 week old pitbull puppy image

 We produce the best XXL American Pitbull Terriers !

XL pitbull puppy 4 image


Pitbull pup image

   Look at the size of these Extra Large puppies
 and these are the females !

XL Pitbull pup image

  Nobody produces Blue Bully Puppies this big and clean 
       as consistently as we do !

XL pitbull puppy image

   Check out our Puppies page to see our new 
     Blue Bully Puppies For Sale


XL pitbull puppy 8 image


Pibull puppy 9 image

   Now the same XXL Puppies
only eight weeks !


Young pitbull pup image


Extra large pitbull puppies image

    If your looking for the best pet money can buy 
Or you are a Blue Nose Pitbull Breeder 
that is looking to put your kennel 
on the map - give us a call !

XL Pitbull pup image


XL pitbull puppy image

  WOW! Now those are some 
  huge Blue Bully Puppies !


Pitbull young puppy image


Pitbull puppies image

 If you want to see more of our
Extra Large Puppies
 than check our produced page


Pitbull puppy 7 image

When you look at these pups it's obvious why
  we are one of Americas Top Kennels !


XL pitbull pup 8 image


Ptbull xl pup image

These badass puppies were produced 
by our Super Freak Gypsy


Extra large pitbull pup image

 You can look all over the world 
 but you won't find another kennel
    that has Blue Bully Puppies for sale like these !


Pitbull Raven image
 Our very own Raven , Iron Tyson's 
   best female he ever produced IMO!


Raven Saint extra large Pitbulls image

 Here is Iron Kings Raven stacked with a 105 pound male! 
    How many people have females like that!


When we started our pitbull kennel years ago we decided we specifically wanted to specialize in the XL sized American pitbull terrier ! So after doing nearly a year of research ( which is very important before you buy a pit bull puppy ) , calling  every Blue Bully Breeder , all claiming to have have 100+ beasts , and seeing both the sire and dam in person ( WHICH ALSO IS VERY IMPORTANT! ) we made sure we got some of the best pitbulls any where ,  and have taken those dogs and bred them to the best studs in the world to start creating the Iron King Bloodline . Because we have some of the best dogs in the world ,  only bred to the best and the fact that we are full time breeders it helps make sure all of our puppies are the best ! We will produce only top quality premium pitbulls with incredible temperaments , here at IRON KING KENNELS  Expect nothing but quality , so  if you were looking for the #1 place to find Extra Large Puppies or Blue Pitbull Puppies for sale in florida , America or in the world than you have found it! Iron King Kennels - Blue pit bulls, pit bull breeders, pit bull puppies sale, extra-large puppies, large pitbull.

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